Mediation Q & A!

Mediation Questions and Answers.

Dealing with any dispute can be overwhelming but choosing mediation does not have to be. Below are three important questions and answers to calm all nerves and help inform you about the mediation process, the benefits of mediation and the role of the mediator.

Q 1: What exactly is mediation?

A: Mediation is a voluntary and collaborative process that is controlled by both of the parties involved. Either party may choose to withdraw from mediation if they feel they are not being heard. This leaves each side with a feeling of control over the issue at hand and commonly enables both sides to be heard. Mediation is a process with a goal: producing an outcome satisfactory to both sides.

Q 2: What are the benefits of mediation?

A: Mediation is less costly than going to court and takes up less time for the parties involved. It offers a rapid settlement solution that produces satisfactory outcomes for both sides. Furthermore, mediation offers a private outlet in which parties can work together to iron out settlement details. With such attention offered to detail, it is more likely that decisions reached during mediation will be long lasting. This sets a scene for continuing relationships between the disputing parties or at least an amicable method for parties to part ways. Overall mediation is the “in control” way to go when resolving legal disputes.

Q 3: What is the mediator’s role?

A: The mediator plays many roles in the mediation process. A mediator acts as the convener calling upon both parties to establish meeting times. He is also an educator, helping both sides to familiarize themselves with the mediation process and to learn about other Alternative Dispute Resolution options. The mediator facilitates communication and helps to “translate” information passed from party to party. For example, the mediator may rephrase answers to help both sides come to a clearer understanding. Over all the mediator’s goal is to help each party reach an agreement. He is neutral and strives for the best outcome for both sides.

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