The Beauty of Co-Mediation

In the legal world, mediation is a very special process. It is one of very few legal procedures which is designed to benefit and cater to litigators and their clients. While it is true that mediation helps to save time and money, the goal of mediation extends much farther. Mediation not only seeks financial settlements, but emotional resolutions as well. For this reason, there are various types of mediation intended to fit specific client needs.Co-mediation serves as an indicative of this very description.

What is Co-mediation?

Co-mediation takes place exactly as a regular mediation would, however two mediators are present instead of one. This can prove very beneficial during the mediation process and can take on many different forms.

For example, while one mediator discusses the case with either party, the other mediator might observe and take notes. This type of collaboration helps the mediators not to miss any important information and details thus ensuring a more fair and accurate outcome. During large mediation processes, in which several parties are involved, having two mediators can be the key to a smooth resolution. While one mediator speaks with the main parties in the mediation, the other might speak separately to the extending parties which have a stake in the mediation process as well. This grants more attention and time to each party without drawing out the mediation process longer than it needs to be. Furthermore, by mediating groups separately, simpler issues might be addressed and resolved without taking attention or time away from the main problem at hand.

Finally, utilizing more than one mediator grants different perspectives in the case. Granted both mediators are “on each other’s side” and will work together to come to a meaningful resolution, being able to see the case from different view points again ensures a solution that is more beneficial to both parties.

Co-mediation is another way in which mediation works to save you time and money by offering you the best and most efficient form of conflict resolution.  What could be more beautiful than that?!


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