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What is a Mediator?

There have been many posts about mediation, the different styles of mediation, and getting ready to go into mediation. Today, let’s take a step back and look at the facilitator of a mediation, the mediator. The definition of a mediator … Continue reading

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The Scope of the Arbitration Clause

U.S. Nutraceuticals and Cyanotech Corp. had a dispute over an arbitration clause in their agreement. The disputeĀ  was over the scope of the arbitration clause, which had changed over the course of the parties’ history. In their initial agreement, all … Continue reading

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Does an apology impact settlement demands?

In a previous post, we have discussed the importance of a true and genuine apology. The same blog post also discussed how Americans are often advised against apologizing in mediation and civil lawsuits because an apology is often seen as … Continue reading

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The Role of an Apology in Mediation

The value of a true apology in mediation can be different from a true apology in everyday life. With our everyday life, we generally see one person apologizing to the other by simply saying three words, “I am sorry.” However, … Continue reading

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