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Dealing with Difficult People During Negotiation

Mediating and negotiating with people can be a tough task. Emotional flooding, an experience where negative feelings overwhelm us, poses a hazard to negotiators because they may not be able to think clearly about the situation. Therefore, it is important … Continue reading

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A Story about Mediator’s Proposals

We have often written about the rise of mediator’s proposals on this blog. While some legal scholars criticize the new trend, other are willing to accept the new way to end disputes. John Sturrock is on the same boat. Although … Continue reading

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Cognitive Biases Mediators and Negotiators Should Keep in Mind

For those working in the fields of mediation and negotiation, spotting cognitive biases can be a testament to your experience and capabilities. Cognitive biases are genuine limitations in our thinking that can arise from errors of memory or other miscalculations. … Continue reading

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Mediator’s Proposal Explained

As we have said in previous blog posts, the field of mediation has changed. The Joint Session has become a thing of the past and many mediators attempt to make their work easier by presenting a Mediator’s Proposal in the … Continue reading

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