How to Handle Toxic People in the Workplace

We recently blogged about dealing with difficult people during negotiations. However, the truth is we deal with difficult and toxic people throughout the days and often in our job as arbitrators, mediators, and negotiators. In fact, any person with a job can tell you that they often deal with a toxic people. A recent study conducted by the Department of Biological and Clinical Psychology at Friedrich Schiller University in Germany found that our brain responds to stress in the same way it responds to toxic people. Successful people often have to deal with both stress and toxic people. However, a successful person will always be in control of their emotions. Below we discuss some of the most effective ways to deal with toxic people efficiently.

Set Limits: Most toxic people are also complainers. Not only do they complaint about their job, they may even bring in their personal life and marital problems. Instead of focusing on the solutions to their problems, these complainers want people to join their “pity party” and sympathize with them. A successful person, while he or she will listen to the complainer and his problems, will not get sucked in by situation. As a successful person, you must learn how to set limits and learn when it is the right time to step away from the complainer and get back to your work.

Live for Another Day: Not only do successful people know when to exit a toxic situation, they also know they don’t need to invest all their energy into one fight. Unchecked emotions can make you dig your heels and leave you damaged for days, but successful people avoid this by thinking of the future. You need to learn how to choose your battles wisely and only stand your ground when it is absolutely necessary.

Rise Above and Be Aware: Toxic people are often very irrational and are waiting to pick a fight with someone. As a successful person, you must be able to see through toxic people and recognize that you do not need to beat them at their own game. Try not to respond to your emotions, and if you do be aware of how you respond.

Don’t Let Anyone Limit Your Joy: Toxic people often try to impose their problems on other people. However, you must rise above and understand that they do not have the power to limit your success and happiness. Toxic people can also say rude things about you or your personal life, but you should avoid engaging them and giving them more bait.

Focus on Solutions: As mentioned earlier, toxic people only like to focus on problems and not consider any solutions. You must focus on solutions and be in control of your emotions. Instead of thinking about how troubling the toxic person is, focus on how you will handle their behavior and deal with them in the future. The more in control you feel, the less stress a toxic person can cause you.

Forgive, Don’t Forget: Successful people are quick to forgive mistakes of others, but this does not mean they forget what someone did to them. Forgiving the person allows them to protect themselves from future harm, but not forgetting the past allows them to avoid giving the wrongdoer another chance.

Don’t Absorb Negativity: Since successful people are often surrounded by toxic people and their negativity, it is common for them to start absorbing this negativity themselves. However, a successful person will know when their negative self-talk is unrealistic or unnecessary and will avoid it at all costs.

Controlling the Body: Successful people will be in control of their body and avoid drinking too much caffeine. Caffeine results in a “fight-or-flight” response that can be very dangerous if you are surrounded by toxic people all day. In addition, successful people are great at time management and know how to fit sleep into their schedule. Since sleep recharges your brain, it allows you to wake up refreshed and ready to rise above daily dilemmas once again.

Have a Support System: Although you need to have control over your body and your emotions, this does not mean you are alone in your fight against toxic people. Recognize other people who are going through the same thing as you and become a team.

Successful lawyers, mediators, negotiators, and arbitrators have all dealt with toxic people. The difference between a successful person and a toxic person is that a successful person focuses on the solutions and knows how to get through a problem. While dealing with people in the work environment can be challenging, we encourage our business clients to focus on the following tips and do their best to overcome any difficulties.

Source referenced: Entrepreneur



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