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Apple and Samsung in Mediation

Beginning in 2010 and 2011, Apple and Samsung seemed to be engaged in a never ending battle over patents. In April 2011, Apple filed a lawsuit against Samsung saying the company had copied the “look and feel” of iPhones with … Continue reading

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Avoiding Intercultural Barriers during Negotiation

In this age of globalization, it is common for companies in different countries to work with each other. However, it is not always simple to figure out the work ethic or culture of the other company. If you are doing … Continue reading

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Negotiation: The Right of First Refusal

This week we continue with our focus on negotiation. The rights of first refusal refers to the chance to be first in line to repurchase a property if the buyer decides to sell it at a later time. Although this … Continue reading

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Ethics and Fairness in Negotiation

There are often times in business where you may feel a need to negotiate. For example, you may want to negotiate the terms of a contract. Other times you are forced to negotiate. An example would be selling your business, … Continue reading

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The Importance of Mediation Confidentiality Agreements

There is a high chance that mediation will not successful if the parties are not honest about everything. This honesty can only come forth if everyone is assured that everything said at mediation will remain confidential. A confidentiality agreement allows … Continue reading

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