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President Carter Mediates MLK Jr. Family Case

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s children are turning to mediation to resolve a family dispute. Like many Americans, they want to maintain their privacy and therefore need to stay away from the court system. While the King family turning to … Continue reading

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Deal Protections: Bargaining Strategies in Negotiation

Most of the blogs we have posted and the majority of the articles you read on the internet focus on negotiation between two parties. However, those of us that are regularly involved in the field of negotiation know that negotiators … Continue reading

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New Dispute Resolution Skills

We have previously discussed the difficulty of negotiating with colleagues and those you have a personal relationship with. Typically, we are told to only focus on the task at hand and keep all relationship issues aside. However, this may not … Continue reading

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Negotiations: Using Bias to Your Advantage

We continue our theme this week by focusing on negotiations. When many of us enter negotiation, we have some cognitive biases that we bring along with us to the table. Russell Korobkin of UCLA and Chris Guthrie at Vanderbilt University … Continue reading

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